Will Trialix Cause Any Dangerous Side effects To Your Health?

A Swiss start-up, Comphya , has just created a new kind of neuroprosthesis that stimulates the areas of the brain responsible for erectile dysfunction.

Comphya develops neuro-prosthesis against erectile dysfunction
In some cases of brain or vertebral lesions, especially caused by stroke, erectile dysfunction appear and escalation of doubts and doubts that drug stimulators like viagra can not solve.

The Comphya start-up from Switzerland may have found the solution. To fight erectile dysfunction, she has just developed a ” penis connected “. Far from being a simple electronic sex toy, the Caverstim is actually a neuro-prosthesis connected directly to the brain that stimulates the affected Trialix¬†areas to create an erection on demand. Implanted in the pelvic cavity (located between the penis and the lower abdomen) in the form of a patch, a network of electrodes stimulates the nerve responsible for erection by a wireless remote control. A prosthesis that would be completely painless according to the start-up.

A neuro-prosthesis 100% effective against erectile dysfunction
Results of research carried out at EPFL (Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne), the Caverstim is still in the testing phase. But according to initial reports, the success rate would reach 100% of the 20 patients . If three million euros are needed to complete this research, this technological breakthrough could change the lives of many men suffering from erectile dysfunction , 30% of whom would be insensitive to Viagra.

“A few new clients told me they had left their gym because they were being tracked or harassed by a coach,” says Shear. The vast majority of coaches are great, but sometimes they have nothing to do but walk around the room and watch the athletes. It can very quickly cross the line. Mansplaining is a lighter side of harassment, but sexual harassment is the most harmful side. ”

Shear has a piece of advice: “How can a man approach me? I am an athlete. I like competition. If a man trains next to me on the treadmill , I accelerate a little. He can accelerate too. He does not need to talk. It will catch my attention if he enters a subtle competition with me.

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