The red tiger balm, to relieve muscle pain?

The famous tiger balm exists in several colors , including red. What’s the point ? Can it relieve muscle pain? The answer is yes, among other benefits.

The red tiger balm helps relieve muscle pain
Renowned for its analgesic properties, the red tiger balm has many benefits, including that of relieving muscle pain. This makes it a balm that many athletes use regularly , soothing pain, feelings of contractures or elongation after an intense session of foot for example.

It is a quick-acting anesthetic, thanks to its content of essential oil of mint and menthol , found in the sprays and nutrix slim keto soothing used by top athletes. The feeling of cold brought by the red tiger balm during its application allows to calm the pain very quickly.

What are the methods of using the red tiger balm?
“How many times a day can I put some? Many people wonder. In case of muscle pain after running , cycling or a sustained effort, it can be applied 2 to 3 times a day without problem. If that is not enough, it is because the problem comes from something else and you have to consult your doctor.

It is important to take into account any contra-indications. Avoid the red tiger balm if you have skin irritated or burned (by the sun for example), that you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Similarly, children under 7 must not use it.

The other virtues of red tiger balm
The red tiger balm can be used to relieve pain from a multitude of problems:

Tendinitis pain
Muscle tear
Pain around sensitive joints
Mosquito bites
Need to clear the airways
Mint oil, cloves, camphor or cajeput will have almost immediate beneficial effects. In case of sprain or advanced inflammation, however, the effect will not be sufficient and the opinion of a doctor remains the most immediate solution most recommendable. Unfortunately, the real balm is not organic.

Thanks to its ultra powerful composition in ingredients with virtues proven for centuries , the red tiger balm is a very useful product that is interesting to have in his luggage or at home.

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