Is it possible to lose belly with the hula hoop?

You certainly remember when, as a child, you spend whole afternoons practicing with a hula hoop. And if the famous hoop of our childhood became our best fitness ally ?

Indeed, this simple object can help us to refine our size while having fun . No need to practice a sport that bores us, in this article we will see how the hula hoop helps to lose weight and what exercises to practice for it to be effective.

Why does the hula hoop make you lose weight ?

First of all it is important to know that it is very complicated to lose only a part of the body. To lose belly therefore you have to lose weight overall, especially through cardio exercises.

If the hula hoop can burn a hundred calories in ten minutes, it is especially effective in bodybuilding, including abdominals.

Indeed, to maintain the hoop around the waist must contract the belly muscles which will help tone them but also to find the famous size of wasp.

How to practice the hula hoop to have a flat stomach?

Now that you know why the hula hoop can find a flat stomach, find out how to use it. For this, it is important to have a hoop provided for this purpose that you will find cheap in any sports store.

For an effective workout, enter the hoop, place it around your waist and give it momentum. Maintain the circular motion by swinging your body back and forth, all in sync with the circles of the hoop.

If you are a beginner you will probably need some training to keep the hoop at the waist but do not give up and most importantly, have fun.

To conclude, we can say that the hula hoop is an excellent activity to slim down and refine its size. In addition to being effective, this sport is very fun and fun. You can also practice hula hoop with the game just dance.

The biggest advantage of this activity is that it refines and invigorates our belly without even realizing it, so do not hesitate any more and throw yourself in the hula hoop!

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