The fruit and protein diet to lose weight?

Our overweight often results from a lack of physical activity , but especially from a poor diet. That’s why scientists have worked hard to develop various slimming methods to eliminate excess fat in your body. The fruit and protein diet is highly acclaimed for this. What are the reasons ?

The calorie intake of the program
Let’s focus on the fruits first! You should know that they have a very low caloric intake, not to say almost nonexistent. If you eat only fruits everyday , you will surely start to lose weight, but especially to show deficiencies .

Indeed, the body will not have enough bio x keto nutrients to function properly. It will not have, for example, the necessary amount of lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and iron . All this will quickly tire you.

This is why the protein diet is added to the fruit. Protein is rich in vitamins and minerals, allowing you to perform your daily tasks without suffering fatigue. Also, protein foods are fat free (or almost).

That is, you will only absorb the nutrients that are useful and will not be saturated. In addition, the fruits already bring you natural sugar which is not dangerous for your health .

The program, effective for sports
The principle, by practicing a regular sporting activity, is to have enough energy to subject your body to relatively intense efforts. By focusing on protein, you can not only do basic exercises, but also bodybuilding .

Typical menu for a fruit and protein diet
1 omelette nature
100 g of fruit salad
Tea or coffee without sugar
3 bananas
Morning snack
2 natural yogurts
Tomato salad with a tablespoon of vinaigrette
150 g grilled tuna
4 bananas
Sugar free tea
Afternoon snack
3 apples
Having dinner
150 g of fruit salad
Sugar free tea
The negative effects on your health
Since you are not a nutritionist, you may have shortcomings, especially if you play sports. To remedy this, be careful to take dietary supplements !

For a fast and optimal weight loss, the fruit and protein diet is no longer advisable. You will notice that this special attention to your diet will eliminate your toxins and give you the right nutrients to even play sports.

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