Essential oils during pregnancy, what benefits?

While some essential oils are strongly discouraged during pregnancy , others have incredible virtues. However, their handling must be done with the utmost caution.

The benefits of aromatherapy during the first trimester
The therapy with essential oils is natura farms keto natural and effective against certain inconveniences. However, their use must be done sparingly, even when authorized during pregnancy. Containing no potentially toxic active ingredients, certain HE can cure some of the inconveniences inherent in this period of life.

Against nausea in the first trimester, ginger HE is very effective. Put two drops on a pillowcase to prevent morning sickness. It is used in cases of constipation, with a positive effect on digestion . In the same vein, lemon HE can be used internally. Mix one drop with honey and let it melt under the tongue.

Essential oils recommended from the 4th month
Against stress and anxiety , HEs of fine lavender and chamomile help to relax during this time when hormones are boiling . In the case of back pain, Laurel EO is ideal. To be used in a diluted mixture up to 3% maximum. After the fourth month, continue to favor the external way, in massage or diffusion. Avoid their application on the stomach and chest.

– Noble chamomile : against itching and redness – Tangerine : against sleep disorders and stress – Soft orange : anti-stress and against the constant urge to eat – Bois de Hô : against stretch marks and for use with oils Nourishing and healing vegetals.- Patchouli : effectively relieves the problem of heavy legs.

This list of ideal EOs during pregnancy is not exhaustive . However, it is necessary to buy higher quality species, preferably certified organic. For this, go directly to a pharmacy or an organic store. Before any use, it is imperative to seek advice and advice from a health professional . Anyway, self-medication is to be avoided.

Why essential oils are often prohibited to pregnant women?
They are very concentrated in active ingredients. Even externally, they can pass into the bloodstream and affect the development of the child. Some HEs rich in ketones have an abortive effect.

Among those that the pregnant or breastfeeding woman must avoid, there are peppermint, CT camphor rosemary, natura farms keto scam sage or eucalyptus (menthol and globose). As a rule, any use of essential oils should be avoided during the first 3 months . It will be necessary to seek the advice and the advice of a doctor or a pharmacist to use these essences correctly.

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