Efficiently slimming thighs with the rower

This bodybuilding machine is a valuable aid to help you lose weight thighs . Essential equipment of any gym , it is easy to use once you understand how it works. Head to the gym to refine her thighs!

The effect of the rower on the thighs

The muscles of the thigh work mainly in the propulsion phase when using the device, when you push on the legs Envy Naturals Keto pulling the rudder to itself. The fat changes into muscle: you get thighs firmer and thinner.

Moreover, it is about a device of bodybuilding that improves his cardiovascular endurance: 90% of the muscles are solicited and we burn calories as efficiently as with running or skipping rope, which allows to refine the whole silhouette.

Use the rower effectively

At first, you have to be careful to break down your movements, especially your arms. The legs will follow naturally. We start by setting his camera on a median position, which does not oppose too much resistance.

Once I am seated properly, with my feet securely held in the straps, I pull the rudder toward the bust, arms extended, while propelling the legs to unfold.

When the sliding seat reaches the rear of the rower , I fold my arms and start from the front, bending my legs. And go again ! You will quickly find the right timing, just be careful to keep your back straight.

To refine her thighs, be careful not to muscle too!

It is recommended to use this instrument with care: it is a weight machine . However, if you muscle your thighs too much, you will gain weight and not achieve the desired slimming effect.

If the device is not equipped with a cardio-frequency meter, it is recommended to get one, in order to properly balance your efforts during the exercise . On average, the recommended heart rate to consume calories without becoming muscular is 130.

This frequency makes it possible to maintain an effort over time and improve its endurance . The ideal duration of a session is indeed 45 minutes: it will seem long at first but you will achieve without effort after a few training sessions.

You will understand, this weight system is a great asset to lose weight thighs . It can be used regardless of the weather, in the form of sessions of 45 minutes rather easy to fit into his schedule.

The ideal is to do three sessions a Envy Naturals Keto REVIEWS week. However, if the exercise seems monotonous you can combine it with other sports such as swimming , ideal also to refine your thighs.


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