The draconian diet to lose 20 pounds

An overweight of 20 kg is important and it is also a huge challenge to try to lose them . Whether for a man or a woman, these 20 kg can mean a daily malaise. There are currently several methods that help you lose the extra pounds you have.

Some are stricter than others and also freer. For those who want to go on a draconian diet , here is everything you need to know.

Which menu to adopt each day for rapid weight loss
To lose 20 kg quickly, it is imperative to eat as few calories as possible . This means very light meals and foods with a slimquick keto very low calorie intake. From the moment you decide to start , you will not be entitled to chocolate bars to taste it or a cake for dessert.

There will also be no aperitif or evenings well watered and especially no fat. We forget the fast food and takeaway of all kinds that are very bad for the health and for the line.

In the morning : a yogurt without sugar , a fruit and a hot drink without sugar.

Lunch : Vegetables boiled or steamed with lean meat or grilled meat.

In the evening : a fruit or vegetable soup . Forget the nibbling too.

What are the risks of the draconian diet?
The opinions of specialists about this type of draconian diet are very clear. Even if this diet allows you to lose weight quickly , it can represent a danger to health in the long term.

There is a risk of deficiency that is a direct consequence of this type of diet very little diversified and does not bring much nutritional value to the body. In addition, there is the yoyo effect.

That is to say that during the diet phase, you will see the results quickly. But if you make abuses trying to resume a normal diet, you will quickly recover the lost pounds.

What advice for losing weight permanently?
The most important thing to lose weight is to burn the fat that the body has stored. For this, it requires a balanced diet that is to say with everything , but in small quantities and a regular sporting activity. You can choose the sport that you prefer, for example the indoor treadmill or weight training or long bike rides to change your minds and lose weight.

20 kilos to lose is a lot, but it’s feasible. If you want to do it quickly, pay attention to side effects that can quickly ruin all your efforts. The draconian diet remains a very popular solution since it is effective in the short term . It’s up to you to manage your diet so you do not get your weight back.

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