Detox menu for winter

In winter, the cold often confines us to the house, where gourmet temptations and lack of exercise soon give us extra pounds. So after the holidays, it’s decided: you need a good detox to get out of the cold season in style .

Find ideas that are easy to apply with our special menu “after excess”, to better eliminate and lose weight faster in winter!

Healthy menu type “after holidays”
When jumping out of bed :

A must, lemon juice squeezed into a glass of hot water
At breakfast :

Organic whole grains, unsweetened
A banana or a green smoothie
A cup of green tea without sugar
A salad of raw vegetables¬†keto drox (cucumber, tomato, carrot, celery …)
A handful of complete starchy foods (rice, pasta …)
A slice of organic chicken breast
An Apple
A glass of water
A cup of green tea without sugar
Fresh fruit
At dinner :

A green salad of your choice
A small omelette
A vegetable soup
A glass of water
A natural yoghurt
After the meal :

A cup of diuretic herbal tea: dandelion, horsetail or nettle combine easily in a homemade recipe , simply brewed into a cup of simmering water.
Better lose weight with detox menus?
If eating detox often helps regain thinness, it is because the foods that cleanse the colon and liver are rarely the sweeter and higher in fat. However, note that weight loss is only the side effect of a detox cure .

To eat detox, it is indeed first of all to look after your health , to find a good digestion, a pretty skin, in short a body which works better and which manifests it. But if you want to slim down, this healthy approach can also allow you to find the lost way of the food balance , far from draconian diets, often harmful.

Just pay attention to the detox cure if your intestines are very sensitive: rich in raw fruits and vegetables, to fill up with fiber, this vitamin diet can cause passenger inconvenience – before, generally, to give you a much better transit than before, flat stomach to the key !

So go smoothly, even setting up keto drox your menus over several weeks, rather than completely change your diet overnight.

After the holiday season, you have bloating and your balance is gray mine?

Follow our dietary advice and test our menus detox and quick to prepare: shape and line guaranteed!

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