3 things to do to lose 14 kg in 3 months

Losing 14 kg in 3 months is an ambitious goal , but perfectly achievable. Weight gain is an evil of our time. This is the result of a dangerous cocktail in which we find the sedentary lifestyle, junk food and stress.

To prevent fat from settling on our belly and thighs, it is necessary to change the habits that led to such a result. To achieve this quickly, you have to play sports , follow a slimming diet and step back from our daily concerns.

3 things to do to lose 14 kg in 3 months

The magic formula to lose 14 kg

One morning we weigh ourselves and we discover with horror that the fat that accumulates in our body now represents an overweight of 14 kg compared to our ideal weight . This is the case of some quadras and especially a woman after giving birth .

Generally, this excess indicates that one is classified as obese in the Body Mass Index . To lose weight, we must swallow fewer calories than our muscles burn. And we know that we must create a deficit of 9,000 kcal to lose 1 kilo.

If we admit that our body burns 2500 kcal a day to perform all our functions, we should swallow less than 1000 kcal a day to lose a little more than a kilo a week . We can eliminate 14 kg in 12 weeks. However, there are other ways to achieve this.

Eat differently to lose 14 kg

To eliminate these 14 kg, it will necessarily change our diet. Two main options are available to us:

– abide by this slimming diet program that loses one kilo a week for three months. This is what a nutritionist will advocate by forcing on the consumption of fruits and especially vegetables and reducing the absorption of calories;

– lose a few pounds in a few days by totally eliminating glucose from our diet , then continue with a less restrictive diet while continuing to lose a few pounds. This is Dr. Dukan’s high protein diet. In its first phase, this diet eliminates fruits and vegetables and forces the consumption of meat and fish.

Play sports

Whether you follow a diet to lose weight or not, it is essential to practice regular physical exercises . Running , Ez3 Keto swimming or a group activity like football are ideal. In addition to burning fat, this physical expense strengthens our cardio . If you do not like this type of exercise , try yoga or pilates.

Rest and relax

Uncontrolled stress has devastating effects on our metabolism. It is the cause of our appetite, digestion and sleep disorders . Insomnia and anxiety prevent us from resting properly and they are accompanied by increased consumption of sweets such as chocolate or pastry. Sport helps us to get rid of stress. The practice of meditation also contributes to it. Sleeping at the same time in the evening and taking a nap is a good routine for our body.

Eat better and less, move more and sleep deeply, these are the 3 elements that will allow us to lose 14 kg in 3 months. To cement these three notions, it will be necessary to show a flawless motivation.

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