3 exercises to firm up your belly after pregnancy

Playing sports after giving birth is a great idea , it’s a great way to get back into shape and firm up your belly.


But how to quickly firm up this post-pregnancy belly that is a combination of stretched muscles and fat ? It’s simple, you Keto Slim Rx just have to bet on exercises adapted to do everyday. Discover here 3 easy and effective exercises to firm your belly after the birth of baby.

3 exercises to firm up your belly after pregnancy

1 Pelvic inclinations to tone your belly naturally

Resuming exercise after pregnancy or dieting is necessary if you want to refine your figure and find your flat stomach before pregnancy . The ideal is to practice an activity by increasing its intensity gradually. Pelvic tilts aim to tone your abdominal muscles and speed up your weight loss. A practice this exercise several times a day can help you to reshape your stomach in 2 weeks.

Get on all fours on the ground to make your pelvic inclinations. On the same line as your shoulders once on all fours, lay out your hands while forming a right angle with your legs and your back. Swing the pelvis forward and backwards, being careful not to move your lower back. Try to do a series of 25 exercises.

2 Postnatal Pilates for Muscular and Tonic Abs in 2 Weeks

This is an exercise that you need to start six weeks after the baby is born. If your doctor allows you to do this before, you can start your postnatal Pilates with peace of mind . This gentle exercise and impressive efficiency is very suitable for your new mom state. Even if you have delivered by caesarean section, postnatal Pilates is safe for your health.

To work on your abs, lie on your back. Bend your knees and bring them back to your chest by lifting your legs a little and keeping them in the air to form a 90 ° angle to the floor. Place your arms along your Keto Slim Rx body without touching the ground. In this position, you have to lift your head as if you want to reach your feet. To repeat 10 times in a row.

The crunch to lose belly and muscle your abs

This easy exercise allows you to work your abdominals . Combined with a balanced diet, it also increases your weight loss and therefore lose belly.

To do this exercise, lie flat on the floor. Flex your knees and place your hands behind your head with your elbows pointing outward. Straighten your bust by contracting the muscles of your abdomen. Then return to your original position. Do at least a series of ten straights to have a magical effect on your belly!

So to firm up your belly and eliminate your bulges after pregnancy , just do these exercises three times each week at least. These movements will help you to quickly refine your silhouette and also find the line . You can do several workouts if you want to increase your results. Also consider playing sports when you go to the pool at the end of the week!

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